My art and design are informed by scholarship, and my artistic practice informs my scholarship. I define myself in light of the great achievements of the Renaissance tradition that lasted into the middle of the eighteenth century, and working in that manner affords me insights into how those artists and architects practiced and thought about what they did. This reciprocal relationship between practice and scholarship is one of the great pleasures of working within this tradition.


These are the articles, essays, opera libretti, and book excerpts so far available here:

Palladio and the Urban Theater

Setting Operas

The Challenge of Emulation

Timeless Cities

Giulio Romano


Available at

"The Shape of Public Space: Place, Space, and Junkspace'", from Perspectives on Public Space in Rome


And here are some projects in the works:

"The Baroque City" (chapter forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of the Baroque)