David Mayernik is an artist, architect, designer, and author in the classical humanist tradition of the Old Masters
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Classical Humanism in the Old Master Tradition

Fine Art: Drawing, Plein Air, Capriccio, Narrative Painting, Sacred Art, Portraits and Still Life Architecture: Campus and Urban Design, Building Design, Interiors Decorative Arts: Objects, Opera Sets Research: History, Theoretical Projects, Academia Chiron About David Mayernik: Bio, Contact, Publications



THE CHALLENGE OF EMULATION IN ART AND ARCHITECTURE: Between Imitation and Invention. Routledge, 2013


An argument for the recovery of the role of emulation in artistic formation and practice, in the guise of an historical treatment of emulation in the Renaissance and Baroque. Illustrated in large part by the author's own drawings.

Reviews in Renaissance Quarterly, Traditional Building and Sacred Architecture magazines




TIMELESS CITIES; An Architect's Reflections on Renaissance Italy. Westview Press, hardcover 2003, paperback 2005


The ways in which cities of the Renaissance used their architecture and urban form to project an image of themselves to their citizens and world are presented as relevant to the shaping of cities today. Illustrated in most cases by the author.

Reviews in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and a variety of journals




"The Technique of Fresco Painting: Ever Ancient, Ever New," Traditional Building magazine, December/January 2017


chapter, "The Shape of Public Space: Place, Space and Junkspace", Perspectives on Public Space in Rome, Routledge 2013


Introduction and new edition, Letarouilly on Renaissance Rome, John Barrington Bayley, Dover, 2012


chapter, “Bodies & Buildings: Microcosm and Macrocosm in Traditional Architecture and Urbanism,” Green Living, Rizzoli (US) and Tradition & Sustainability, Compendium (UK), 2010


contributor, City Secrets: Paris, Fang, Duff, Kahn, 2014

contributor City Secrets: Rome, The Little Bookroom, 2000 and Fang, Duff, Kahn 2011



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