David Mayernik is an artist, architect, designer, and author in the classical humanist tradition of the Old Masters
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Classical Humanism in the Old Master Tradition


Working en plein air in watermedia on paper is something David Mayernik has been doing since his studies in Rome under Paris Prize winner Frank Montana


"I began painitng en plein air in watercolor while a student in Rome in 1981 under the Beaux-Arts trained architect Frank Montana. Frank stressed both careful observation and freshness of approach, which I've continued to practice and develop over more than 30 years of working in the field."

—David Mayernik.


See David Mayernik's plein air oils here.


He blogs about outdoor painting in Italy at pleinairitaly



It is a combination of brushwork and attention to light effects that imparts energy and life to a plein air watercolor. At the same time, being attracted to powerful natural and manmade forms, often in juxtaposition, a certain solidity is required to convey the scene's sense of mass and weight. Balancing these sometimes opposing forces is what artistic judgment is all about.

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