David Mayernik is an artist, architect, designer, and author in the classical humanist tradition of the Old Masters
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David Mayernik decorative art

For several seasons David Mayernik designed and painted stage sets for the Haymarket Opera company of Chicago, known for their period-informed productions of Baroque operas.


At the Academia Chiron you'll find program notes written by David Mayernik that describe the ideas behind the sets.

Sets for the Haymarket Opera company's staging of La Descente d'Orphèe aux Enfers

“[S]et designer David Mayernik's painted revolving panels mirrored the authentic sounds emanating from [Craig] Trompeter's "pit" band.”

February 25, 2012|John von Rhein|Classical music critic

Chicago Tribune

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Sets for the Haymarket's staging of Henry Purcell's Dido & Aeneas

“The painted, revolving panels of David Mayernik's period-style decor lent additional authenticity and eye-appeal.”

February 17, 2013|John von Rhein|Classical music critic

Chicago Tribune


Sets for Haymarket's staging of Charpentier's Actèon

"[A]gainst the customary and wholly attractive rotating painted drops of designer David Mayernik."

March 9, 2014/Andrew Patner

Chicago Sun-Times


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