David Mayernik is an artist, architect, designer, and author in the classical humanist tradition of the Old Masters
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Classical Humanism in the Old Master Tradition



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David Mayernik studied fresco technique with renowned restorer Leonetto Tintori in 1989 during his fellowship year at the American Academy in Rome. His first fresco commission was for the Library of the Academy, in 1990. Since then he has painted frescoes for private clients in Italy and the US, for the buildings he has designed for TASIS Switzerland, and for the church of S. Cresci in Valcava, Tuscany.


He created the site Fresco Trail to help disseminate information on modern frescoes.

Of all the methods that painters employ, painting on the wall is the most masterly and beautiful, because it consists in doing in a single day that which, in the other methods, may be retouched day after day, over the work already done.

— Giorgio Vasari, excerpted from his Lives of the Artists (1568), in Vasari On Technique, Dover, p. 221


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