David Mayernik is an artist, architect, designer, and author in the classical humanist tradition of the Old Masters
David Mayernik Ltd.

Classical Humanism in the Old Master Tradition

Fine Art: Drawing, Plein Air, Capriccio, Narrative Painting, Sacred Art, Portraits and Still Life Architecture: Campus and Urban Design, Building Design, Interiors Decorative Arts: Objects, Opera Sets Research: History, Theoretical Projects, Academia Chiron About David Mayernik: Bio, Contact, Publications
 David Mayernik Ltd. 125 W. Marion Street No. 120 South Bend, IN 46601 USA info@davidmayernik.com
I can also be reached through the School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame, where I am an Associate Professor

My logo is derived from the Accademia di S. Luca,

Whose motto was Æqua Potestas,

Or Equal Power among the arts

Of Painting, Sculpture

& Architecture

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